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Tax Planning vs. Preparation

Do you know the difference between Tax Planning and Tax Preparation? It is separated by a moment in time.

​Tax Preparation is anything that happens after December 31st (Damage Control).  You are not able to change your tax liability, legally.
Tax Planning is before December 31st.  We work with you throughout the year to make the right decisions for your business.

Did you know:

For Individuals in AZ:  Whether you did or did not itemize your Federal Tax Return, there is a chance that you can deduct the medical on your AZ State Return!

MVW Services can help you in several different ways personally.  Did you ever think about having someone handle your personal finances?  Bank and credit card reconcile, managing the bills for you. Call to discuss your options.


Personal Services:
Its tax time and you're not sure where to start. 
Why worry and stress out?Let us help you get all the figures ready for your tax return. 

If you need a tax preparer or if you have one already for several years, either way we are able to help.

We will provide a report with all the numbers that is necessary for the tax return.

If you can say "NO" to anyone of the following statements, please call us to set up an appointment and let's get you organized.

  • Are you prepared for an audit?

  • Are you excited to tackle the box of receipts?

  • Do you have all your records ready and waiting for final documentations?

  • Did you know, that if you paid a self-employed/sole proprietary over $400.00 in a year that you will need to provide them a 1099-Misc?